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This is an inquiry message about '意大利求购太阳能光伏板'.

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Buy Photovoltaic Solar Panels (2006039/Bu)

Italian building firm, established in 1997, wishes to import the following articles to use them for its business: - photovoltaic solar panels - electronic transformers for fluorescent lighting - LED electronic signs - accessories for road signs - power tools - laminated plastic. The interested companies are kindly requested to send detailed information, such as full company profile, products details and price lists. Answers will be guaranteed only to serious and well-known manufacturers and suppliers of the below mentioned countries. Target countries: China and Korea
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Company Name: 2006039/Bu
Contact Person: Ms. Paola Munaro
Address: Industria 1, Torri Di Quartesolo, Vicenza, Italy
Zip: 36040
Telephone: 39-0444-519585
Fax: 39-0444-329121

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