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This is an inquiry message about '斯里兰卡求购门锁,门闩锁辋夜,门柄'.

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Buy Door Locks, Rim Night Latch Lock, Door Handles

Buy door locks, rim night latch lock, door handles. We introduce ourself that we are an Importer in Srilanka, importing mostly from china. We shall be thankful if you would quote your best CIF COLOMBO prices Also please send picture catalogues of the your manufacture by courier. Hope to have a good Business relationship with your esteemed firm. Our requirement will be 1x20 foot container Thanking you in anticipation.
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Company Name: A. S. Mohamed, Sons&Co, Sri Lanka
Contact Person: Mr. Ahmed Muhuseen
Address: Messenger Street., Colombo, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Zip: 12
Telephone: 94-77-3212522
Fax: 94-11-2430532

Mobile: 94773212522
Web Site:

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