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This is an inquiry message about '美国求购PS2/XBOX游戏主机配件'.

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Buy PS2 Slim PAL, Xbox360 Premium PAL Cod

Please make sure you can meet our terms. Do not waste time if you can't meet our requirements. We are interested in purchasing following for trial order: 200 Units-PS2 (PAL, slim) 100 Units-Xbox360 (PAL, premium system) IF UNITS CAN BE UNLOCKED (PLAY CDRW, CHIPPED UNITS) FOR FIRST ORDERS WE WILL WORK ONLY COD, OR ANY OTHER WAY THAT WE CAN FEEL THAT WE ARE PROTECTED. Do NOT WASTE TIME IF YOU CAN'T OFFER A REASONABLE TRANSACTION TERMS. We will purchase large quantities after trial order. Our market is Ukraine, POLAND, Russia
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Company Name: 2b Development, United States
Contact Person: Mr. Andrew Brukh
Address: 13 Lionel Pl, Whippany, New Jersey, United States
Zip: NJ
Telephone: 646-512-4453
Fax: 973-215-2099

Mobile: 646-512-4453
Web Site:

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