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Pellet Mill

This is an inquiry message about 'Pellet Mill' from Lascelles Limited.
(这是一条买家关于'Pellet Mill'的询盘信息,来自 Lascelles Limited 。)

Inquiry Message (询盘信息)

Inquiry Title (询盘标题): 
Pellet Mill
Inquiry Content (询盘内容): 
We need a pellet mill. This machine should be able to form pellets from dry powders and granules. The process is by compression of the dry chemicals.
Purchase Product (采购产品): 
Pellet Mill
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Company Name (公司名称): 
Lascelles Limited
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Contact Person (联系人): 
Devon Kitson Kitson
Address (地址): 
1 Bell Road, Kingston 11, Jamaica W. I., Jamaica
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Telephone (电话): 
1 876 7577927
Fax (传真): 
1 876 9236304
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