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Inquiry List 6 (询盘列表6)

This website provides free foreign trade inquire information. There are more than 64,000 inquiries data from 200+countries and 40+industries, each data including the subject, detail content and contact method. One of the inquiry lists is as below, please click the subject to browse detail content or click the page number to browse other pages. (本站提供免费的外贸询盘信息,目前包含6.4万多条国外买家的询盘资料,每条包含标题、详细内容及联系方式,这些国际采购商来自200多个国家和40多个行业分类。下面是其中的一批询盘数据,点击标题进入查看详细内容或者点击页面号码浏览其它页面。)
Buy Canton Fair Purchasers Data ( 购买广交会国外买家名录数据 )

Inquiry Subject (询盘主题)
香港求购外套looking for coats for men as well as for women
沙迦求购卡 buying Ge Cards
土耳其求购家纺.Buy Home Textile Product,Bedding Set
贝宁求购macaroni buying Macaroni
美国求购弹力布.Buy Stretch fabrics
土耳其求购金属窗 Buy Window Handle (Metal) For PVC Windows
伊朗求购直流电动机 buying DC Motors
洛杉机求购棉质面料.Buy Search For 1x1 100% Cotton Baby Rib Fabric
英国求购毛巾.Buy Towels Required
意大利求购涤纶面料.Buy Polyester Fabric
土耳其求购晚礼服面料.Buy Bead Work Evening Dress Fabric
印度求购针织机 buying Single Jersy Knitting Machines
埃及求购毯子,被子等.Buy Blankets, Quilts & Beddings
美国求购门 buying Armored Door
阿拉伯求购面料.Buy Need Cotton Poly Spandex Stretch Fabrics For Wal-Mart
美国求购轮胎 buying 1200 Used Tires Low Profile 16-20
土耳其求购晚礼服面料.Buy Import Evening Dress Fabric
英国求购发电机 buying Generator Alternator
美国求购儿童书包.Buy children’s school bags
西班牙求购传感器 buying Powerful Sensors
西班牙求购皮包.Buy Leather Hand Bags
沙特阿拉伯求购pcs of Nissan Trans Part 5W71C buying pcs of Nissan Trans Part 5W71C
保加利亚求购电脑包.Buy Laptop Bag
印度求购不锈钢板 buying Stainless Steel Plate
香港求购浴室柜 buying Kitchen And Bathroom Cabinet
澳大利亚求购运动包.Buy Sports Bag
德国求购Jatropha Oil Urgently buying Jatropha Oil Urgently
英国求购靴子.Buy UGG Boots Paypal
法国求购高跟鞋 buying Sexy High Heel Shoes
英国求购运动鞋.Buy Adidas Trainers
英国求购靴子,服饰.Wanted UGG Boots, Abercrombie And Fitch Clothing And Victoria Beckham Jeans
塞浦路斯求购鞋.Buy Cheap Aqua
法国求购高跟鞋.Buy Sexy High Heel Shoes
伊朗求购滑冰鞋.Buy Need Of A Container Of Chicago Skating Shoes
美国求购棉长裤 buying Levi Dockers Never-Iron Cotton Pleated Pants (Big & Tall)
保加利亚求购网路摄影机 buying Web CAM
斯里兰卡求购染料 buying Anti-Dusting Reactive Dyes
波兰求购牛仔裤、夹克We buy baby wear,ladies and men""sjackets,bounded jackets,underwear, men""s shirts
香港求购牛仔裤Looking for Women""s and Men""s jeans
美国求购笔记本电脑 Buy Xps M1710 And Xps M1730 Laptop
美国求购T恤looking for black ring spun cotton shirt
英国求购库存沙滩运动服 looking for closeouts of BEACH SHORTS
香港求购塑料袋 buying Reusable Plastic Bags (PP Woven Bags)
美国求购女士短裤、牛仔裤、毛衣We are looking to manufacture pants, jeans, sweaters, blouses, suits, jackets, dresses, and coats.
德国求购短裤looking for baby pants for adults (oversize).
印度求购橡胶木 buying Rubber Wood
美国求购沙滩裤We are in need of Mens cargo shorts and khaki pants.
孟加拉国求购按扣 I wnat to import Metal Snap Butt.
阿治曼求购高压气体压缩机 buying Rfq-High Pressure Gas Compressor
尼日利亚求购T恤、牛仔裤 cotton shirts, men t-shirts,jeans, etc
马来求购童装children T-shirt
阿联酋求购制服We are Looking for Regular suppliers who can produce uniforms.
阿治曼求购水泵 buying Water Pump
土耳其求购礼服面料We are searc fabric for evening dress
美国求购木制家具 buying Miniature Furniture,Wooden Furniture
美国求购吊坠和项链 Buy Antique Jewelry: Pendants And Necklace
美国求购纸 buying Waste Paper
英国求购水泥 buying Cement
巴西求购塑料 buying Plastic Base For Deck Tiles
乌克兰求购橡胶垫板 buying Bar Rubber PAD
叙利亚求购发电机 buying Generators 1000 KVA With Perkins Engine
越南求购硬板 Buy Hard Board (Hdf)
法国求购流苏靴.Buy Moccasins
美国求购女装鞋.Buy Ladies’ Dress Shoes
加拿大求购工作靴.Buy Safety Work Boots
科威特求购手提包.Buy Stock Handbags
伊朗求购音乐蜡烛.Buying Inquiry candles , musical candles
约旦求购蜡烛.Buy Citronella candels
伊朗求购蜡烛.Buying Inquiry Cake Firework Candles
澳大利亚求购木桶.Buy Wood Wine / Port Barrels
土耳其求购花瓶.Buy Want To Buy Import PVC Foldable Wonder Magic Vase
秘鲁求购促销礼品.Buy Promotional Products
美国求购数码相框.Buy Digital Frame
美国求购钥匙扣.Buy Key Ring, Chain, And Jump Ring
美国求购手表.Buy Watches
荷兰求购手表.Buy Watches
科威特求购珍珠首饰.Buy Sweet Water Pearl Necklace & Bracelet
斐济求购时尚珠宝.Buy Fashion and Costume Jewelry
英国求购银饰.Buy Tiffany 100% Genuine Silver Jewelry
加拿大求购时尚珠宝.Buy Fashion Jewelry
美国求购时尚珠宝.Buy Fashion Earrings
美国求购珠宝.We Want To Buy Antique Jewelry: Pendants And Necklace.
睡衣ladies night gowns,pajamas
美国求购珍珠首饰 buying Pearl Jewelry,Earings, Bracelets , Necklace
英国求购大麻面料hemp material
加拿大求购夹克Looking for jacket
英国求购锰矿 buying Manganese Ore
俄罗斯求购棉线 buying Rosher Cotton Thread For Linen Production
巴西求购水龙头 buying Faucets
美国求购牛仔裤buy 300 to 500 lady jeans
法国求购牛仔裤 Beckham Jeans
澳大利亚求购时装We are looking for fashion dresses
澳大利亚求购牛仔裤、侍者服looking for Jean Paul Gaultier clothing items