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德国求购钻石.Buy Rough Diamonds - Germany

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德国求购钻石.Buy Rough Diamonds - Germany
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Detailed Buying Lead Description:We are interested to purchase rough diamonds in large quantities on a monthly basis, also spots. We only buy certified diamonds, 1 ct.- 20 ct., no black ones, no fluoriscend ones, no often offered but never sold ones. Business starts small and grows larger with growing business relationship. You are welcome to start with 100-500 carats. All offered stones must have a kimberly certificate. Seller sends manifest list first. Seller must be able to deliver the stones to one of the following places: Zürich, Antwerp, Geneva or Frankfurt/Main. Upfront payment will NOT be accepted!!!If you or your company is interessted, get asap with us in contact!
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德国求购钻石.Buy Rough Diamonds - Germany
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Company: Faisal International
Person: Mr. Faisal A.
Address: Hohenzollernstr. 78, Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Telephone: 49-171-4649505
Fax: 49-89-46139642

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